Robbers forced this guy to twerk for them after robbing him to show that he is not angry

Robbers forced the victim to twerk for them to show that he is not angry

Savage robbers forced the victim to twerk for them a move to show that he is not angry after getting robbed. Narrating his story on social media, influencer chubby Ephraim Raimsekobolo revealed that he was coerced to twerk for the robbers against his will.


Despite the unfortunate incident, Twitter users found it hilarious.

Hade poi.. I just hope you were not angry, things could have turned out really ugly

I wanna laugh but I’m afraid too. Well as long as your safe that’s all that matters

Are you for real? Banna! askies tle. I don’t know if I should laugh or?

– Savannanews


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