WARNING: Gauteng Residents – If You See This Do Not Pick it Up

Surely, when you read that you are not supposed to pick this up you wondered how can you not pick up money because it could probably be your lucky day but the truth is, it is a scam.

Allegedly, there is a new trend in Gauteng, especially in Johannesburg CBD. Criminals are going around dropping this and waiting for people to fall for the trap so that they can scam them.

You will think it is a lot of money when you see it and it might catch your eyes but it is not money and do not even stop when you see it.

Criminals are strategic these days. They use this and many people fall for being victims. Inside there is no money, it is actually a lot of papers that are rolled and wrapped with a hundred rand fake note. See the picture below;

Allegedly when you pick this up, the criminals who planted it will approach you asking you to share the “money” with them and eventually take everything that you have with you.

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