Traditional medicine that are used to attract any man/woman

There are many ways, you can use to attract someone using the traditional medicine, but it deon’t mean that you must use them to break someones relationship

There are two traditional medicine that can give any man/women you want, velabahleke and mlomo mnandi, they are very good for attraction and to make people to listen to you

Velabahleke this muthi can be used to make a bond between you and anather person, velabahleke can change everything that people think about you, everyone around you will welcome you and they will love you

It is used by many man that beliefs in traditional medicine, you must know that if you want muthi to work for you, you must believe to it

There is anather muthi called mlomo omnandi this one is very good if you want to convince someone to believe in you, that person will believe every word that comes out of your mouth, and your words will be valued whenever you are speaking

This muthi can bring any aman/ woman attention,


According to a traditional healer it is important to protect yourself from this, becouse most of the people lost their marriages becouse of this

It is bad to lose your good relationship becouse of muthi that won’t work forever


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