Video of woman struggling to walk in heels leaves South Africans in tears

Popular tweep, Daniel Marven, shared a cringe-worthy video of a lady attempting to walk in high heels. The video has gained various reactions from South African tweeps who can’t tell if it’s funny or just an uncomfortable situation. The unknown lady stumbles as she takes small steps in order to stop herself from having a big fall.

High heels are definitely not for everyone and Daniel Marven proved so in a new video he shared to Twitter. In the video, a lady in a jumpsuit and high heels can be seen struggling to take even the smallest of steps without stumbling.

The 28-second clip has left Saffa tweeps cringing as the lady moves at a very slow pace at what seems to be a shopping mall. With each tiny step, the unknown woman tries to balance herself but doesn’t seem to be winning the fight.

She falls over a few times but manages to bring herself back up without face-planting. The hilarious video has some tweeps rolling on the floor while others have a face full of cringe.

Have a look at the cringe-worthy video below:

– Briefly

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