The moment ‘Sizokthola’ presenter Xolani Khumalo and crew were attacked in Rustenburg

Sizokthola presenter Xolani Khumalo and his crew were subjected to a violent attack in Rustenburg while filming an arrest for their crime show.

The incident occurred weeks after Khumalo received death threats from unknown individuals who wanted the show to be discontinued.

According to reports, the crew arrived at Coconut Lounge where they intended to film the arrest of a suspected drug dealer.

Chaos erupted when people recognized Khumalo and the crew, leading to security and management blocking their access to the suspect and preventing them from leaving the lounge.

Eventually, some members of the crew were able to escape, but others remained trapped inside.

The crew outside managed to break the gate lock and rescue their colleagues.


Witnesses reported that the situation was disheartening, as it appeared that criminals were being protected at all costs.

Despite the suspected drug dealer’s harmful influence on the community, both the management and security personnel at Coconut Lounge seemed to prioritize his protection.

During the ordeal, it is alleged that the lounge’s security threw bottles at the crew, resulting in damage to one of their vehicles.

The North West South African Police Service is investigating the incident as a case of malicious damage to property


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