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Dineo Ranaka Opens Up About Severe Chronic Depression Diagnosis

In a heartfelt Instagram post, radio presenter Dineo Ranaka has bravely shared her struggle with Severe Chronic Depression, shedding light on her mental health journey.

After recently hinting at feelings of suicidality, Dineo’s return to social media provides an update on her well-being and the challenges she has faced.

Understanding the Depths of Depression:

Dineo reveals that her diagnosis has helped her recognize the need to reintroduce herself to her own self.

As a high-functioning individual dealing with depression, she highlights the dangers associated with masking one’s condition.

By acknowledging her physical sickness and the various symptoms she experienced, such as in-sleep seizures, cognitive confusion, and profound empathy for those who have taken their own lives, Dineo offers a raw glimpse into the realities of living with Severe Chronic Depression.

Finding Hope and Overcoming Challenges:

While battling depression, Dineo acknowledges that she had moments of feeling suicidal. However, she boldly declares that she has reversed the curse and is no longer plagued by such thoughts.

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Dineo takes the opportunity to shed light on the common misconceptions surrounding depression and mental health.

She clarifies that depression is not simply the absence of happiness or sadness but rather the absence of vitality—the zest for life itself.

Despite lacking the energy to create a video, Dineo expresses her commitment to self-care and resolving the various challenges in her life.

She acknowledges the incredible support she has received from her followers, and she expresses her gratitude for the prayers and well-wishes she has received.


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