Gayton McKenzie Reveals Plans for Mass Deportation of Illegal Foreigners

“There Will be Mass Deportation of Illegal Foreigners” — Gayton McKenzie Reveals His Plans

Gayton McKenzie, the leader of the Patriotic Alliance (PA), has revealed his plans for mass deportation of illegal foreigners if he becomes president or if his political party assumes power.

In a conversation with a TimesLIVE journalist, McKenzie stated that he would introduce a pass or ID system to identify foreigners, particularly undocumented migrants and illegal immigrants, for easier deportation.

He compared this system to the apartheid-era dompas used to control movement during that time.

McKenzie, known for his xenophobic views, has centered his campaign on targeting illegal immigrants and undocumented foreigners, often neglecting to address economic issues.

He believes that other countries are implementing similar measures, justifying his proposed actions.

The recent victory of the Patriotic Alliance in ward 7 of Johannesburg has raised concerns among Zimbabwean migrants, with journalist Hopewell Chin’ono warning them to be prepared for increased xenophobia.

The PA has made immigration its primary electoral focus, and McKenzie’s statements reinforce this stance.

He expressed frustration with the media, accusing them of being biased against him due to his immigration policies and intentionally bringing up his criminal past to provoke him, even when it’s unrelated to the discussion at hand.


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