YouTuber and Model Leeona Mvandaba Wanted by Police for Theft

Leeona Mvandaba, a YouTuber and model, On the Run from the Law for Theft

Leeona Mvandaba, a well-known YouTuber and underground model, is currently wanted by the police for theft.

The shocking incident involves her allegedly stealing R18,000 from her American boyfriend, who intended to visit South Africa for a holiday.

Trusting Leeona as they had booked an Airbnb together before, her boyfriend handed her the R18k for booking the accommodation and an extra R5k for her.

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Leeona reportedly assured him that everything was in order and even provided fake screenshots to convince him that the Airbnb was booked and ready for his arrival.

However, days passed, and instead of fulfilling her promises, Leeona resorted to deceitful tactics.

She started sending him explicit photos of herself, leading the man to believe that their relationship was still intact. In reality, she had no intention of fulfilling her commitment and blocked him on all communication platforms.

As a result, the American boyfriend finds himself stranded in South Africa, betrayed by someone he trusted. The police are now actively searching for Leeona to address the theft and deception.


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