Debate: how long should bedroom rounds last? Check out the funniest answers and memes!!!

Users clearly have varying degrees of satisfaction but the most common one found was 5 minutes, some deemed longer than 15 minutes to be for people in the R rated industry and not those who are in relationships, whereas others were demanding lethargic affairs and unrealistic goals.

The biggest problem in s_xually active relationships is the pleasure aspect and what it entails; with men, it can be a few seconds but maybe the woman needed more.

Contrary to popular belief, once the man sprays, it doesn’t mean he got to the right point, may be he was just unable to hold it together in what is known as the “first round”.

I’m not going to have any expectations or put anybody under pressure kodwa nawe… noodle?

Here are some of the funniest answers to this debate, laugh as I did and enjoy it!

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