A Man Who Divorced His Three Wives In One Day After They Cheat

3 Wives Cheat on Husband With Rich Men After He Loses His Job

Mutiacya, who was married to three beautiful wives, said he parted ways with all of them on the same day.

The heartbroken man said he could no longer be with them because of their bad behaviour under his roof.

This heartbroken man, hailing from Chad but residing in Uganda for more than three decades, shared his story with Afrimax English.

Mutiacya, who is 55 years old and a father of seven, initially had harmonious relationships with his wives. They were humble, cooperative, and hardworking, showing readiness to build a united family.

However, things took a downward spiral as their behavior shifted in a direction he could not tolerate.

Mutiacya, born in Chad but lived in Uganda for over 34 years, said he provided for the women, and they lacked nothing.

However, he, unfortunately, lost his job and could not cater for their needs as he could before because of limited resources. “I had a job, and life seemed good, and the wives loved me.

However, I lost my job and failed to provide on a regular. All three women I had disrespected me, and the worst was cheating on me with men who had money.

I couldn’t tolerate that and divorced them on the same day,” he said. Since then, he did not consider marrying again but found his purpose in helping the community, especially the children.

He would share something with the neighbourhood children and his nephews whenever he got something to share.

He believed he was fulfilling his purpose: to help those in need, and said it gave him great joy and satisfaction.

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