A Traditional Healer Explains What Happens When People Eat Pork

What Happens When You Eat Pork - Traditiona;l Healer Explains

In sensitive discussions, some topics evoke judgment or religious fervor. A traditional healer took to social media to shed light on an intriguing topic – pork consumption.

She gave a point of view that was different from what people usually think. Many people were shocked by the video she shared, especially those who thought it was a sin to eat pork.

She said in an honest way that eating pork isn’t bad in and of itself. Instead, she brought up an interesting idea about religious beliefs.

According to her, individuals who consume this type of meat may be exposed to spiritual attacks.

This doesn’t mean that eating pork automatically brings in bad things, but it could make you more visible to witches and other supernatural beings.

People who eat pork might put up walls that make it harder for these things to affect them.

Unknown to many, pork meat or oil may discourage spiritual influences. It’s important to realize that everyone’s impact is different. The point isn’t to condemn certain foods, but to recognize that choices can have spiritual consequences.



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