Veteran Radio Host Accuses SABC Sportscaster Thabo Kofa of Threats and Plotting

Thuso Motaung: If I get attacked and k!lled, it’ll be Thabo and his people

Veteran radio personality Thuso Motaung from Lesedi FM has made shocking accusations against award-winning SABC sportscaster Thabo Kofa.

He claims that Kofa is plotting harm against him, his wife, and their children. These allegations surfaced during a virtual meeting of Lesedi FM staff and management, and the recording of this meeting was leaked to the public.

In the recording, which was leaked, Thuso could be heard accusing Thabo of orchestrating attacks on him and his family over work-related issues.

Thuso, whose Sunday show Makgulong A Matala is the flagship of the Sesotho radio station, lamented that his children were threatened with murder by people close to Thabo.

He expressed deep concern that his children were even threatened with v!olence by individuals associated with Thabo.

Thuso, known for his flagship show “Makgulong A Matala” on the Sesotho radio station, stated that he has worked with Thabo for over 30 years and lived with him in Diepkloof.

He is deeply hurt by the situation and worries about the safety of his family.

“If my kids get attacked or k!lled, Thabo will take the blame. When it happens that I get attacked and killed in the streets, it will be Thabo and his people.”

He explains that some people dislike him because his wife is the manager of Lesedi FM. According to Thuso, Mamontha (his wife) didn’t anticipate becoming a manager when she pursued her career.

He expressed concern about his children being confronted and falsely told that he mistreats Thabo at work.

Thuso asserts that he has never abused Thabo, and he finds it difficult to cope with the hate directed towards him.

He labeled Thabo an enemy of Lesedi FM and criticized him for hosting low-rated shows and then blaming Thuso for their lack of success.

Mamontha, the head of the station, also voiced her disappointment with Thabo’s actions. She mentioned that he initially raised concerns with management through a letter but later contributed to the station’s problems.

She emphasized that causing chaos within the station would not be tolerated.

Mamontha criticized Thabo for bad-mouthing the radio station and its staff on social media, stating that this behavior would face consequences.

She made it clear that the station has the right to address issues when chaos is introduced.

As of now, the SABC spokesperson has declined to comment on this matter, citing the organization’s policy of not discussing employee-related issues publicly.

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