Wits University Student Kidnapped After Online Dating Chat, R30,000 Ransom Demanded

Student Lured Online Rescued After R30k Ransom Request

An 18-year-old student from Wits University is now recovering in a hospital after a harrowing experience involving an online dating app that led to his abduction and the demand of a R30,000 ransom.

The young man was taken on a Tuesday and promptly reported as missing. He was eventually located at the Denver Men’s Hostel the following Wednesday, where he was discovered bound and unconscious.

Gauteng police spokesperson Brig Brenda Muridili stated, “The student was reported missing the same day by his roommate.

It is reported that he was lured to the suspects through a dating site called Grindr.

The suspects demanded R30,000 from his family for his safe return.”

A multi-disciplinary law enforcement team acted swiftly, surveilling an ATM where one of the suspects intended to withdraw the ransom on the M2 Road.

“The police held an observation and then placed the suspect under arrest as soon as he arrived. He then led the team to Denver Men’s Hostel.”

Seven suspects were apprehended, and authorities confiscated three knives while recovering the student’s personal belongings.

The victim was promptly taken to the hospital for necessary medical attention.

“The team is investigating the possibility of linking these suspects to cases in Gauteng with the same modus operandi. All seven will be charged with kidnapping and extortion, and they will be appearing before court soon.”

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