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Matthew And Sonia Booth: Ex-footballer ‘Delaying Divorce Process’

Divorce Drama: Sonia and Matthew Booth's Split Stalled Amid Financial Dispute

The divorce proceedings between former celebrity couple Sonia and Matthew Booth have hit a roadblock, with reports indicating that the former football star is causing delays in the process.

Sources close to Sonia revealed that Booth has failed to submit his financial statement to the court, as requested by Sonia’s court application filed in May 2023.

“Booth initially appealed the court’s decision but later withdrew the appeal. However, he is now stalling the process, risking legal action from Sonia for contempt of court,” disclosed the friend.

Sonia, eager to finalize the divorce, expressed frustration over the unnecessary delays, highlighting the toll it’s taking on their joint estate.

When reached for comment, Sonia emphasized her desire for closure, stating, “I wish for the decree to be granted as soon as possible to move on from this chapter of my life.”

The divorce saga follows allegations of infidelity leveled against Booth by Sonia in November 2022. Sonia accused the former Bafana Bafana star of having an affair, presenting evidence on social media to support her claims.

In response, Booth dismissed the allegations as “unfounded,” with the woman in question, Mthombeni-Moller, also refuting the accusations in court. Despite legal battles, Sonia emerged victorious, securing a win with costs in the case.

Adding to the controversy, Mthombeni-Moller, reportedly separated from her husband Klaus Moller, made her relationship with Booth “Instagram official” in January this year, sharing photos from his sister’s wedding.

As the divorce saga unfolds, it underscores the complexities of celebrity relationships, with legal battles and personal disputes played out in the public eye.

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