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Glenda Phokwane suspects a Sangoma is enjoying her while sleeping




She hasn’t been with a man since her husband died in 2016. But Glenda Phokwane has been having wet dreams of a sangoma.

The 49-year-old from Windmill Park in Ekurhuleni said her nightmare started in February last year after she consulted a sangoma.

“He helped me successfully. But a week later, he called telling me he’s attracted to me and would like for us to be in a relationship.”

Glenda said she told him she wasn’t interested as she was focused on raising her grandkids.

“He kept calling, saying he was just checking up on me.

“I was uncomfortable with this and told him. He seemed to have understood and stopped,” said Glenda.

But she started dreaming about the sangoma two months later.

She said the dreams seemed real.

“At first I thought I was having the dream because I haven’t poked in a while, but it became a regular thing.

“It has been happening twice a week since June. I told him what was happening to me and he didn’t sound surprised.

“He told me it was probably my body reacting to me having feelings for him,” she said.


Glenda said the sangoma didn’t want to make the dreams stop. She said she’d tried to get rid of the dreams, but nothing worked.

Daily Sun spoke to the sangoma. He admitted to having feelings for Glenda. But he said he had nothing to do with her dreams.

“I know she loves me too, but seems to be in denial. I wouldn’t do anything to hurt her feelings. Her body is clearly betraying her and there’s nothing I can do about it.”

Gobela Joseph Dungamanzi said the sangoma uyaphahla to his ancestors and calls Glenda’s name on the nights where she dreams of him.

“This kind of behavior is terrible. He clearly loves her, but doing this to her is just pure evil,” said Dungamanzi. He said he’s dealt with such situations and had muthi to stop it.

– Daily Sun



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