Did Boity Thulo and Davido have a fight in Zimbabwe?

Following Boity Thulo’s trip to Zimbabwe this past weekend to play host at an all white party where Nigerian musician Davido was performing, reports have surface that the two got into a fight after Davido allegedly made lewd comments about Thulo.

The reports first started making the rounds after a Zimbabwean publication, H-Metro, published the news the day after the event.

The reports were then corroborated by a Zimbabwean socialite in a since-deleted Instagram Live video and some remaining Instagram stories that we got screenshots of.

Zimbabwean fans took to social media to express disgust.
Neither party has directly commented on the matter yet but Davido did take to Instagram stories with two ambiguous, shady posts that many believe are aimed at Boity.

We certainly hope it didn’t go down like that and that Boity is okay. In recent years, she has chosen not to run to social media with her thoughts and feelings.

Source: ZAlebs



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