Doctor in Hot Water: Social Media Star Dr. Qwabe Faces Misconduct Allegations

Dr. Qwabe, a popular medical doctor on social media known for his humor and relaxed demeanor, is facing misconduct allegations from the Department of Health. The department has accused Dr. Qwabe of misrepresenting the medical profession and acting in an unprofessional manner due to his reported public smoking and drinking.

As a medical professional, doctors are expected to set an example for young people and avoid behavior that could be harmful. Smoking is a known health risk and can cause cancer, and smoking in public in front of non-smokers can also result in legal consequences.

Dr. Qwabe’s situation serves as a reminder that medical professionals are held to high standards of conduct, both on and off duty. While his social media presence may have gained him popularity, it is crucial for medical professionals to always uphold a professional and responsible image. We will continue to follow any developments in this case.


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