Baby mama exposes SA sprinter Akani Simbine for running away from his 9-month-old Son

International athlete Akani Simbine’s baby mama has accused him of bolting from his duties as father to their nine-month-old son.

Chantelle Hermans claims that the SA sprinter is a deadbeat dad that has shown little commitment and support to their baby, born in December.

But Simbine, currently in Switzerland, has rubbished all of Hermans’s allegations, strongly maintaining that he’s a proud father and has committed to supporting his son.

“I am aware that false allegations continue to be levelled against me and some of the people around me following a media report last month,” Simbine said.

“As I have previously stated, my family have met with the family of my child’s mother, and as a proud father I have committed to supporting my son.”

But Hermans said actions speak louder than words, and Simbine needs to practice what he preaches.

Hermans claims that before moving to Europe, where he’s competing at international events, Simbine allegedly told her that he was not ready to be a father.

“Akani has said to me that he is not ready for this and he wanted the rest of the year to adjust. He has been in Europe for a few months and haven’t done a single video call with his son,” Hermans said.

“I want him to be present. Yes, anyone can say I’m supporting, but if he says he’s a proud father then his actions have to match his words.”

Simbine has defended this, saying while he’s been in Europe his mother has been in regular contact with Hermans and their son.

“I have been based in Europe in recent months where I have been competing on the international track and field circuit, which is in line with my annual season programme as a professional athlete,” Simbine said.

“While I’ve been away, my mother has been in regular contact with my son and the mother of my child, and my family and I will continue to remain actively involved in his young life.”

Hermans confirmed that Simbine’s mother was in regular contact, but their son needed his father’s attention too. “I think every boy child, especially in SA where we have high cases of kids being fatherless, needs an active father figure,” Hermans said. “Akani is a role model to many kids, yet he can’t be a role model to his own.”

Hermans revealed that they conceived their son during a love affair that lasted between October 2018 and August 2019. She added that it was an unplanned pregnancy as Simbine was allegedly in a relationship at the time.

Simbine failed to respond to specific questions on this matter.

“We were both shocked when I found out I was pregnant. We considered a number of options and it was my choice to keep the baby,” Hermans said. “He said he will be with me all the way because he doesn’t want a child of his not knowing his dad.

“I’m not bitter because Akani and I never planned on being together. We knew what our arrangement was – he never promised me a relationship.”

Hermans said both their lawyers were in the middle of discussing a child support settlement, but declined to give the details.

She added that Simbine has on two occasions provided her with essentials for the baby when she asked since he has been in Europe.



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