Video: Somizi’s hubby Mohale makes his first appearance as Kudzo on Rhythm City

After news broke out that Mohale has bagged an acting role on eTV’s popular soapie, Rhythm City, he instantly topped the trend list, especially on Twitter where people expressed their anger towards this, claiming he got the role because of Somizi’s links.

Mohale Moutang-Mhlongo who will be portraying the character of Kudzo will make his debut on Rhythm City tonight at 7 PM.

Here Is What We Know So Far

Mohale will be making a guest appearance on Rhythm City and will portray the character of Kudzo.

Kudzo is a Head of sponsorship for a big cell phone company. He lives, breathes, and sleeps sponsorship and is always looking for the perfect opportunity to invest.

However, in this instance Kudzo will be assuming the role of a false investor, looking to place his investment on a Kilowatt Festival as part of a play that is orchestrated by David Genaro’s daughter, Pearl.

At this rate, it seems that Pearl will go to any length to avenge her father’s death, including milking Suffocate of his money.

Viewers are expected to find out what this will mean for Suffocate, and if will Pearl will ever get the revenge she is so desperately looking for.

Watch the snippet below of Mohale as Kudzo in what appears to be their first meeting with Suffocate and Pearl:


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