“My Daughter Locks Herself Up In Her Room Every Two Days, I Put A Camera In Her Room & Saw This”

Recently it happened that a woman who have a daughter went on the internet to express what she have been facing, the experience she is having with her daughter who is behaving strangely.

It was reported by the woman that she noticed that her daughter formed the habit of locking up her self in the room for 2days and it was continuously and that’s how she became worried.

The woman in question is a single mom who is also a hard working woman, according to her she always finds time to take good care of her daughter who is 17 year old, she give her attention that she requires in order to keep her from bad company or associations.

Then lately according before the daughter turned 18 year old in the past 5 months, she stated behaving weird to the mother she wasn’t open to the mother anymore they were not that close as they used to be. She were keeping much distance, isolating her self always.

“On some occasions, I noticed that every two days, she would go into her room, shut the door and never come out till the next day. She wouldn’t even bother eating or doing anything the whole day. I called her and asked her what was going on and I tried to make her talk to me, but she wouldn’t budge.

I decided to put a camera in her room before the next two days. After the day came, I took the camera and checked it. I was so shocked at what my daughter was doing. She was holding a ball of light and chanting strange languages. Where could I have gone wrong? My daughter had joined witch cults. What am I going to do?


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