Senzo Meyiwa was assassinated, it was not a robbery: Police agrees with Afriforum

Afriforum has indicated that they agreed with the South African Police Service (SAPS) that Senzo Meyiwa was assassinated, dispelling reports that the former Orlando Pirates goalkeeper was killed in a botched robbery.

Speaking to the media soon after the police announced the arrest of five people in connection with Senzo’s murder, Afriforum’s Advocate Gerrie Nel said they agreed with the police that they are dealing with an assassination case, and not a botched robbery.

He also said he was keen to find out about the mastermind being the assassination of Senzo Meyiwa.

“And we agree, that having gone through the evidence that this is a hit and we’ve also indicated our full cooperation in exposing the mastermind and ensuring that the mastermind is also prosecuted.”

“They have not addressed the mastermind behind this assassination and that must be the most important aspect in this matter and we will, as far as we can, assist the South African Police Service and other roleplayers to make sure it happens.”

Asked if the police are not blocking the progress of the case by assigning two teams to investigate the case, Nel said,

“To have two teams that do not work together is not progressive. But we will follow the evidence that we have seen. We are not concerned about dirty cops. The evidence that I have seen has no indication of a blockade by dirty cops. Investigations by its nature have to keep under wraps until the suspect is arrested. We will follow up on everything the family wants us to follow up.”

He said he is confident the evidence is strong to proceed with prosecution.

“We feel very confident about the case as the change of the team helped bring results. The police Minister indicated that there was a gun found and it is important.”

Asked on what will happen next, Nel responded, “All our accused will appear in court tomorrow. In normal cases, there will bail application and the state will oppose bail, and following that there will be an indictment. The case will be transferred to the High Court for trial in two months.

“People can stop investigations but if there are independent people like us it will not be stopped. We want the mastermind to be named so we can move forward. The Meyiwa family ave other aspects that are looking at,” Nel said.

Asked if he believes in the fact that a man in prison has been implicated in the murders, Nel responded that the people will know the identity of the five people will be known by tomorrow and he said he believed it based on the evidence presented to him. On the detail of where the gun used to kill Senzo, and what happened to it, he said he did not know.

Senzo’s brother Sfiso said he will see what happens from tomorrow, and he is ready to face the person who is accused of killing Senzo. Sfiso said he is in agreement with the police about the mastermind.


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