19-year-old Nolukhanyo Nkosiyane was shot and killed inside a police van in Kraaifontein

Nolukhanyo Nkosiyane Fatally Shot Inside Police Van in Kraaifontein!

In a devastating turn of events, 19-year-old Nolukhanyo Nkosiyane was tragically killed inside a police van in Kraaifontein on April 29, 2023.

The incident occurred when the police van came under attack by armed men.

Nolukhanyo had been out with friends, but when they decided to head towards Khayelitsha, she chose to remain behind.

Her friends dropped her off at Kraaifontein police station, hoping that the police could provide her with transportation home. However, it is alleged that the police refused and instructed her to wait for a patrolling van.

Hours later, a double-cab police van arrived, and Nolukhanyo was taken on board.

During the journey, the police stopped near a high school on Old Paarl Road after a stranger sought their assistance.

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Tragically, an unknown assailant fired at the police van, with the bullet striking Nolukhanyo in the forehead while she was seated in the back.

Despite immediate medical attention, Nolukhanyo succumbed to her injuries at the hospital a day after the shooting.

The grieving family has expressed their anguish over the lack of communication from the police, as more than three weeks have passed without any updates or arrests made in connection with the incident.

As we mourn the loss of Nolukhanyo, we are reminded of the precious life she leaves behind, including her one-year-old daughter.

May her soul rest in peace, and may justice be served.


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