Top 10 Countries With The Biggest Manhood Sizes In 2023

Manhood Size Revealed: African Countries Dominate Rankings, Including Surprising Results

In recent times, discussions about manhood size have often been avoided by men. But, interestingly, it’s a topic that’s frequently searched online, as shown by Worlddata info.

A study on manhood sizes has turned the spotlight on African nations, with several topping the charts.

According to the World Populations Review, Africa shines in having countries with the largest manhood sizes globally.

Top 10 countries with the biggest manhood sizes in 2023

The global research is based on er3ction sizes, with an average of 13.60 cm, while the longest is 17.95 cm.

Sudan is the highest-ranked country with an er3ction of 17.95cm, with DRC ranked second with an er3ction of 17.93.

Ecuador is ranked third with an er3ction of 17.59cm. However, the Republic of the Congo, Ghana and Nigeria are ranked fourth, fifth and sixth, respectively.

Congo has an er3ction of 17.33cm, while Ghana has an er3ction of 17.31cm, and Nigeria has an er3ction of 17.00cm. Cameroon also reached the top 10 with an er3ction of 16.65cm.

Let’s dive into the highest and lowest-ranked countries regarding the biggest manhood sizes.

  • Sudan 17.95cm
  • DR Congo 17.93cm
  • Ecuador 17.59cm
  • Republic of the Congo 17.33cm
  • Ghana 17.31cm
  • Nigeria 17.00cm
  • Venezuela 16.93cm
  • Lebanon 16.82cm
  • Colombia 16.75cm
  • Cameroon 16.65cm


According to Worlddata info, South Africa is not in the top 10 of the most gifted man regarding manhood sizes.

Mzansi has an average er3ction of 15.02 cm. Despite being boasted around as the most admired man, the United States has an erection size of 13.58 cm.


  • Cambodia – 10.04 cm
  • Myanmar – 10.70 cm
  • Philippines – 10.85 cm
  • Sri Lanka – 10.89 cm
  • Hong Kong – 11.19 cm
  • Bangladesh – 11.20 cm
  • Thailand – 11.45 cm
  • Vietnam – 11.47 cm
  • Malaysia – 11.49 cm
  • Singapore – 11.53 cm

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