The Family Of A Deceased Drug Dealer Wants Sizokuthola Host, Xolani Khumalo To Pay

Family Demands Justice for Man Allegedly Killed by TV Host Xolani Khumalo

The family of a man who reportedly lost his life at the hands of TV host Xolani Khumalo, known for the show “Sizok’thola,” is seeking justice.

Khumalo recently appeared in Palm Ridge Magistrate’s Court, facing charges related to the death of Robert Varrie, a father of eight.

During the incident, it’s claimed that Khumalo and his team fatally assaulted Robert while filming an episode that was never aired.

Although Robert Varrie was involved in drug dealing, the Varrie family asserts that Khumalo and his team had no right to take his life.

Delia Varrie, Robert’s sister, emphasizes the importance of justice being served for her brother’s tragic death.

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