Gospel Star Justina Syokau – I Haven’t Had Sex For Ten Years

Justina Syokau Opens Up About 9-Year Dry Spell Post-Divorce

Renowned gospel sensation Justina Syokau recently unveiled a deeply personal revelation about her nearly decade-long dry spell since her divorce, shedding light on her journey and perspectives on relationships.

Known for her chart-topping track “Twendi Twendi,” Syokau walked down the aisle in 2012, only to witness her marriage dissolve the following year.

Reflecting on her experiences, she emphasized the significance of finding a responsible partner.

“In today’s world, I’m not seeking a man solely for fleeting pleasures. I desire someone who is responsible,” Syokau disclosed during an interview, stressing the importance of financial stability and partnership in relationships.

During a candid conversation on Comedian Consumator’s TruthBeTold show on YouTube, Syokau shared insights into her singlehood, expressing contentment with her freedom while raising her child.

“Being single is liberating, especially after nearly nine years since my divorce. I chose celibacy to avoid temptation, particularly because I have responsibilities to fulfill,” she candidly expressed.

Despite acknowledging the challenges of maintaining celibacy, Syokau remains steadfast in her commitment, highlighting the importance of staying true to oneself and avoiding potentially harmful situations.

“Better to endure a dry spell than succumb to temptation and face the consequences alone,” Syokau affirmed, acknowledging the difficulties but remaining resolute in her chosen path.

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