“Buy me a six pack of Savannah and Nandos if you want to be happy”

In today’s world anything is possible when you have money that you can spend and splash with zero regret of getting it back. Men who have money know that spending money to others, you will be loved and everything you say to them will be considered.

When you out drinking alone with friends, you will meet knew people that you will be vibing with, laughing together, buying shots together and enjoying the party together, girls love alcohol and food, they should be alcohol and food all the time on your table to attract attention that you will be looking for.

Girls will tell you that guys must buy alcohol and food and they will do the dancing and entertainment for the day, if you don’t like spending you will not get happy at the party, people won’t even sit with you at your table.

Alcohol and food is a great combination for girls when they are out partying, and guys who know how to spend will make it a priority that they provide both alcohol and food.


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