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Capitec Send A Serious Warning to All Banking App Users




Capitec the most favourite bank in the country has sent a very firm warning to all capitec users. This applies to all those capitec users on the old capitec app. This warning was sent on the old capitec app warning users of the upcoming phasing out of the old capitec banking app.

The country’s favourite bank has decided to officially phase our the banking app that was widely used for many years. This was done to introduce the new banking app thay helps bankers manage their money more conviniently and safely. Some people will greatly benefit from this new capitec

The following is the app warning:

We understand that you’ve enjoyed the simplicity of this current app, but times are changing and in order to keep providing the best banking experience, we need to evolve our platform. That is why we are introducing our new Capitec Bank app and ending support for this old remote banking app in the coming months.

We’ll share more details with you soon, but do encourage you to move across to our new banking app soon.

The improved banking app was designed with our clients’ convenience in mind and is even easier to use than our old app, helping to further simplify your banking.


Here’s what you can expect:

All your favourite features, with fewer clicks
Create shortcuts for your favourite transactions

Sign in and authenticate using fingerprint or facial recognition

Track your spending in categories such as food and transport

Turn your card’s Tap to Pay on and off

To install our new app:

Check that we have your verified email address by tapping Check Email Address below
Download our new app “Capitec Bank” and follow the activation steps (you don’t need to visit a branch)
Once activated, you won’t be able to use the old Remote Banking app and can delete it


When we stop supporting this old app, it will not work on your phone
All the functionality available in this old app is available on the new app
Don’t delete this old app until you download and activate the new Capitec Bank app

This warning will help most people get into the next generation of banking app. It will help people secure their money and make more people able tonuse their money easier.

What is your take on the matter?

– OperaNews