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Meet Elliot Masango, the guy who was resurrected by Prophet Alph Lukau

It’s a Sunday morning and a healing and deliverance miracle service is on at the Alleluia Ministries International church, north of Joburg, lead by Pastor Alph Lukau.

Wheelchair-bound congregants are rising up and walking, those who struggle to walk and use crutches toss them aside and start running. But something much bigger is about to hit.

While these miracles were still going on inside the church, a hearse pulls up outside, with weeping family members in tow.

Lukau is called outside to tend to the mourners, who’ve brought a deceased man in a coffin. He’d allegedly been dead since Friday.

Some minutes later, the coffin is opened, with thousands of eyes now watching, Lukau lays his hands on the dead man in a white suit named Elliot, prays and boom! – the man is brought back to life.

The congregants and Elliot’s family lose it. A miracle has happened right before their eyes and in broad daylight.

A clip of the ‘miracle’ is posted on social media, sending users into a frenzy over the authenticity of this alleged act of God wrought through the hands of a ‘man of God’.


And MZANSI has yet again shown it has a sense of humour.

Hardly hours after photos and videos emerged on social media of Pastor Alph Lukau resurrecting a dead man, Mzansi already had the #ResurrectionChallenge.

Many social media users did not believe the resurrection was real and took a swipe at the pastor.

On Facebook people expressed their anger.

Reports say the guy who was resurrected (Elliot Masango) is part of Pastor Alph Lukau’s camera crew.

Vuyo Mthetho said: “God have Mercy! They sold their souls to the devil to become rich and famous. Fake Prophet”

Noble Muromba: “The two most abundant items in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity. Only idiots would fall for these false miracles from these false prophets.”


Despite leaving messages, there was no response from Alleluia Ministries International and the pastor.