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South Africa’s most beautiful police officer in hot soup over her tattoo

HER sxy pose in uniform has left many a man in SunLand considering a life of crime just to be arrested by her.

But sizzling Constable Sanele Sophazi’s social media picture of herself in uniform, revealing a tattoo on her right arm, has landed her in hot water.

Her bosses have started an internal investigation against the crime-busting beauty. Now her hundreds of devout fans have come out in support, saying hands off their hot cop!

The KZN, Pinetown-based officer is shown in the picture holding up two fingers in the shape of a gun. Her popularity on social media sky-rocketed ever since she started posting pictures of herself in uniform.

Her followers, numbering over 32 000, love her pictures so much that she gets 3 000 or more likes each time she posts one.

Police spokeswoman Colonel Thembeka Mbele told Daily Sun an internal investigation was already underway. The police introduced a new tattoo policy in 2012. “The SAPS policy clearly states that a police officer must never have a visible tattoo while in uniform,” she added.

However, social media users rallied behind the cop, saying she should be left alone to be sxy and called on the police to focus on fat police cops instead!

“Wow she’s a beauty. Leave the poor child alone,” said Facebook user Liza Mputa.

Tersia Staples de Meyer also agreed.

“Nothing wrong with it,” she said.

“Maybe the powers that be can ban being fat in the police force. Tattoos do not hinder running and protecting us!”

“Tattoos are the least of the SAPS’ problems,” Lynbe Chandony said.

“I think a good fitness programme would be more beneficial than worrying about a tattoo.”

Ilana Meyering dismissed the investigation as “ridiculous.”

“Tattoos do not make you unfit to do the job,” Ilana said.

Source: Daily Sun