10 University Degrees That You Should Avoid or Else You Might Be Unemployed Forever

As times is moving forward, so the technology is also introducing more effective and efficient solutions. However technology advancement brings about negative impacts in other critical sectors. Employment will always remain a critical factor in microeconomic.

The mere fact that the population is increasing rapidly on daily basis,it clearly explain that people will always seek employment for a better living. In nowadays people utilised tertiaries as a beginning step that is expected it might lead to decent employment.

Due to technology advancement, below are the University degrees that might be on a status of obsolescence. See 10 of these degrees:

1. Marketing Degree

Marketing degree use to be a demand in companies as they would be promoting their products. In nowadays Marketing degree is slowly losing it’s taste on the labour market. Companies opted to adapt on the advancement of technology. This lead that their products be mostly promoted via digital platforms, media, social network platforms etc. Before thinking for this course or degree, conduct research properly.

2. Journalism

The mordenalised media system for public access is slowly collapsing the field of Journalism. People in nowadays uses their mobile devices to access latest news even live events or speeches. The number of bloggers has are increasing on the internet and this makes it easier for public to have more access on the latest or breaking news. This means that few people will wait for Journalists to report latest news. Therefore think twice about Journalism.

3. Fashion Design

Fashion Design is a good however the are lot of imbalances in terms of a criteria to fully qualify as a professional fashion design. These are designers who popularly globally and they very talented on what they are doing but they never studied any degree related to fashion design. So other people will spend 4 years studying for a degree that topped by people who never even studied a single degree or certificate. This means you can just jump on it and do you best work designs rather than wasting time of going to face a lecture.

4. Accounting Degree

Accounting services are on demand in various companies and this includes public and private sector. However the issue on this fraternity is become a problem accounting duties are slowly automated on systems. This mean that in future the technology will take over and few labour will be needed to monitor the system. Accounting practices such as payroll, budgeting, auditing, payments, debit orders.

Many companies are introducing accounting softwares that will need very few people to monitor it. So for future, one must be cautious I’m selecting a degree.

5. Banking degree

On this degree, most people will relate very easily. Banking degree is the most degree that is getting more obsolete everyday. Introduction of digital banking has constituted the clients not to visit the bank branches. Digital banking has recently launched banking apps for their clients. On the banking app you can perform plenty of various transactions. This includes depositing money, taxation, transferring money, managing debit orders, managing cash withdrawals limits, management business accounts etc.

Online banking has also affected the demand of bank workers in the market.

If you were thinking to go for Banking degree, you might regret in a near future.

6. Communication Degree

This fraternity falls in one traps like other university degrees, the advancement advancement of technology has is negatively affecting the value of this degree. Many companies have created pages and groups on social media to communicate their internal news and that is news managed my few people.

7. Music Degree

Many successful musicians have proven that that you can make to the top without going for a degree in music. Music demand that you must have an original talent existing within you. You cannot force music to be in you blood vessels. There are programmes such Idols that seeks to identify the future musicians, such programmes such as Idols are the best platforms for career. Going for a University degree in music might not be a good choice.

8. Anthropology

The career pathing in Anthropology fraternity is getting more narrow. The other reason is that we don’t have adequdate Archeologists that wil share the skill an¹ keep this field breathing. Lesser people who are going for this course. It will not be a shock when institution are phasing them out. Opting for this will this degree might be a issue.

9. Art History Degree

History has been a degree that has been there in a curriculum in many universities. This degree has been so low in of salary which make it so hard for to complete in the labour market. The shift to 4th industrial revolution requires the company to put more focus in technology advancement not taking us back.

Indeed this course has lost it taste in the market.

10. Degree in Language Practice and translation

Technology has been developed strongly in term of language translation. This degree has lost it touch since there are even more apps that are downloaded to assist in translation. Indeed the advancement of technology has impact degree negatively to avoid this degree to save your time.

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