Calls for Action Against Corrupt Immigration Officer Exposed on #Sizokthola

Viewers of the drug-busting show, #Sizokthola, are urging @HomeAffairsSA to take decisive action against the immigration officer exposed in the recent episode.

Allegedly, she is collaborating with illegal foreign drug dealers and selling South African IDs for a mere R50,000.

Numerous social media users have voiced their concerns about the alarming trend of illegal foreigners, particularly drug dealers, obtaining fraudulent SA IDs through corrupt individuals within Home Affairs known as “Jollofinas.”

This illicit activity tarnishes South Africa’s reputation.

Prof Moya, using the handle @TheGoodNews002, addressed Dr Motsoaledi, demanding an urgent press briefing on the complete shutdown and restructuring of the Home Affairs department in Rustenburg.

It is crucial to prevent further exploitation of our country by those selling it for personal gain.


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